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Latest News

Titanic Honour and Glory makes US Premiere.
We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Titanic Honour and Glory will premiere in the United States later this year. The History Museum of Mobile, Alabama, a magnificent and stunning museum, our host for the award winning Titanic exhibition.
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Titanic now open at Great Yarmouth.
Titanic Honour & Glory will be docking at Time and Tide from April 1st through to September 24th 2017. This unique exhibition brings to life the history of the legendary Ocean Liner, the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic, an exhibition voted one of the top five exhibitions in the United Kingdom by The Times newspaper.
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Titanic Exhibition Opens in Chelmsford
Chelmsford Civic Society presents the Titanic Honour & Glory Exhibition which is open in Bond Street in Chelmsford, CM1 1GD on Thursday to Sunday from 10.30-16.00 running from April to June. Sean Smalc’s fascination with Titanic began at the age of five, when he saw the film 'A Night to Remember'. He has been amassing the awe-inspiring collection ever since. 'This diverse exhibition appeals to so many people from all age groups' Sean says. ‘With this exhibition we aim to increase the knowledge of Titanic's history and that of her sister ships and the White Star Line, which owned and operated many of the finest liners ever to sail the high seas. Every visitor will get a feeling of what it was like to have been aboard Titanic. The exhibition will take you on a genuine voyage of discovery’.
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Titanic Gift Shop

The Titanic gift shop is open 24 hours a day seven days a week, and aims to bring you a selection of unique and collectable keepsakes to treasure and enjoy for many years to come.

Passengers on Titanic’s maiden voyage were able to purchase souvenirs onboard in the barbers shop, these ranged from postcards, small gifts and souvenirs, some of which can be viewed in the award winning exhibition today.

Please take a moment or two to browse our Titanic keepsakes below where we hope you will find something special for that special someone or perhaps a treat for yourself.

Titanic Books


samson's titanic journeySamson's Titanic Journey.
This is a very well illustrated children’s book, telling the story of Samson, a little rat who has lived in the Belfast shipyard, looking for a new life in America he sneaks on board Titanic.

Our price £5.99




my story titanicMy Story - Titanic.
Margaret Anne dreams of leaving the orphanage behind, and she can hardly believe her luck when she is chosen to accompany wealthy Mrs. Carstairs aboard the great Titanic. But when passengers are woken on a freezing night in April 1912, she finds herself caught up in an unimaginable nightmare.
Experience history first hand with My story – Titanic.

Our price £5.99



titanic by john hodgesTitanic By John Hodges.
Titanic, the very name conjures thoughts of disaster and tragedy, but also of pride and grandeur. Titanic by John Hodges, retells this awesome story but through the eyes of a teenage boy who is a stowaway on the great liner.

Our price £9.99




the titanic story by david hutchingsThe Titanic Story.
A comprehensive guide into the story of the Titanic liberally illustrated containing many fascinating facts and historical details.

Our price £8.99



the first violin titanic bookR.M.S. Titanic The First Violin.
The fascinating tale of how one talented young musician, John Law Hume, found himself aboard history's most famous, most luxurious and most tragic ship.  Told by his descendant Yvonne Hume from family papers and contemporary photographs.  This book is a fascinating read and gives an insight into the legendary and heroic bandsmen on the Titanic.

Our price £14.95



 Titanic DVD's


olympic titanic britannic dvdOlympic Titanic Britannic.
The magnificent White Star liner 'Titanic' lays buried in the ooze of the Atlantic floor, some two and a half miles beyond the oceans surface.
This is also the story of 'Titanic's' sisters - 'Olympic' the elder, and 'Britannic' the younger - a story of the Beloved, the Damned and the Forgotten! Running time 50 minutes (DVD is playable in all regions worldwide.  DVD in chapters for easy access.)

Our price £15.99


the lost film of the titanic dvdThe Lost Film of the Titanic DVD.
This DVD shows some of the only movie film footage from 1912 taken of the Titanic and the only film footage of the aftermath of the tragedy.

The film includes shots of the Titanic at Belfast before leaving to start the fateful maiden voyage; the ice flows where she hit the berg; the rescue ship Carpathia returning with survivors; women from New York bringing clothing to the docks to comfort survivors; a1937 radio interview with Charles Herbert Lightoller, and much more. 
Presented by Fred Dinage (Running Time approx 35 mins)    

Our Price £15.99 


 Titanic Souvenirs

Titanic Goodie BagsTitanic Honour and Glory Goodie Bags.
Goodie bags featuring a leather key ring, teddy bear purse, note pad and rubber in various colours, all featuring the Titanic Honour and Glory exhibition name and logo on them.

Our Price £5.95

titanic in gantry pvc bagTitanic In The Gantry PVC Shopping Bag.
These magnificent shopping bags feature a magnificent image of the Titanic in the gantry during her construction in Belfast.  Made in a strong durable PVC, these shopping bags are a great collectable for the Titanic and maritime enthusiast.

Our Price £9.99



Titanic Towel Range


Titanic Cabin Towel and Soap SetTitanic Cabin Towel & Authentic Titanic Soap Gift Set.
A truly magnificent gift set capturing the edwardian splendour of the Titanic.  The gift set consists of a beautiful white towel embroidered with the logo of the White Star Line and R.M.S. Titanic.  Complimenting the set is an authentic bar of vinolia soap which is exactly the same as was issued to the first class passengers onboard the Titanic.

Our Price £9.99

Titanic Towel SetTitanic Towels.
Feel the opulence of travelling first class with these embroidered Titanic towels embellished with the logo of the White Star Line and R.M.S. Titanic.  Choose from the following towels or purchase a complete towel bale at our special price.

Titanic Towels


Titanic Soap

Titanic Vinolia SoapTitanic Soap.
A unique gift for that special person is this authentic bar of vinolia soap which is exactly the same as was issued to the first class passengers onboard the Titanic.

Our Price £1.50


Titanic Steamer Blanket Range

titanic steamer blanket in the hunting macrae tartanTitanic Steamer Blanket in the Hunting MacRae Tartan.
To coincide with the Titanic centenery year of 2012, these blankets are made from the finest blends of Scottish wool as were the originals supplied to the Titanic in 1912.  Made in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands they are woven to the highest standards and bring to you a collectable momento of the Titanic's history.

To Celebrate the launch of this item, for a limited time we are offering a special discount, exclusively for our online shop!

Introductory Price £55.99


titanic steamer blanket in the black watch tartanTitanic Steamer Blanket in the Black Watch Tartan.
Passengers travelling onboard Titanic would be treated on deck to the comfort of a steamer chair with an excellent steamer blanket to wrap up warm in.  This is exactly what this is, a true authentic replica of the 1912 steamer blanket, this particular one is of the Black Watch Tartan. 

These blankets as in 1912 were made in Inverness in the Scottish highlands and are of the highest standard in quality, and to coincide with the Titanic centenery year of 2012 are a magnificent collectable momento of the Titanic's history.

To Celebrate the launch of this item, for a limited time we are offering a special discount, exclusively for our online shop!

Introductory Price £55.99

Titanic XL Postcard Range

first class reception room postcardFirst Class Reception Room.

The beautiful first class reception room was where passengers would gather for afternoon tea and drinks after dinner in the first class dining room. 

This unique collectable oversized postcard (A5 size) features a rare image of passengers being served tea by a steward offering the now famous 'White Star Service.'

Our Price £1.50





first class diningroom postcard

First Class Diningroom.

The magnificent first class diningroom which was the biggest ever seen on any ocean liner in 1912.  This is where the privileged few could dine in stunning surroundings with the most exquisite food. 

This unique collectable oversized postcard (A5 size) captures a stunning image of first class passengers seated ready for dinner.

Our Price £1.50





first class grandstaircase postcard

First Class Grandstaircase.

The magnificent First Class Grandstaircase which featured beautiful carved oak newel posts and gilded crystal chandeliers was an awe inspiring sight on the Olympic Class liners.  This is where the privileged few would walk down dressed in their finest clothing and jewellery on their way to dinner being served at 7pm. 

This unique collectable oversized postcard (A5 size) captures a stunning image of first class passengers on what has to be the most beautiful staircase on any ocean liner in history.

Our Price £1.50



first class smokingroom postcard

First Class Smoking Room.

The First Class Smoking Room featured beautiful panelled walls with inset mother of pearl designs.  Large stained glass windows filled the room with natural light and to keep warm and have a homely feeling around the room a fire.

This unique collectable oversized postcard (A5 size) captures a stunning image of first class gentleman relaxing in the First Class Smoking Room, typically a gentleman establishment onboard the Olympic Class liners.

Our Price £1.50




first class stateroom postcard

First Class Stateroom.

The Regence Style Parlour Suite Siittingroom was one of the most beautiful parlour suites onboard the Olympic Class liners.  It was here the elite passengers could relax and write letters home.  Complete with its own fireplace and fire, you would imagine you were at home rather than on an ocean liner.  The walls were panelled in rosewood with intricate gilded carvings and gilded light fittings.  This parlour suite was recreated for the recent James Cameron film - Titanic, and is the sitting room used by Kate Winslet's character - Rose.

This unique collectable oversized postcard (A5 size) captures a stunning image of a first class lady relaxing writing a letter.

Our Price £1.50


rms olympic postcard

R.M.S. Olympic.

A beautiful stern view of the R.M.S. Olympic as she leaves New York heading down the Hudson on the start of her voyage to Southampton.  This unique collectable oversized postcard (A5 size) captures a stunning image of Olympic.

Our Price £1.50







Titanic Honour and Glory Tote Bag


titanic honour and glory small cotton bagtitanic honour and glory small cotton bag















Titanic Honour & Glory Small Cotton Bag.

Stand out from the crowds this anniversary year with this unique cotton bag featuring the exhibition logo, all of which are produced for the 100th anniversary year.  The reverse of the bag features a quote from Thomas Andrews, from a letter he sent home to his family from on board Titanic on April 9th, 1912, regarding the ship.

Our Price £7.50


Titanic Tea Bags

titanic tea bags

Titanic Tea Bags (80 pack)

On board Titanic passengers enjoyed afternoon tea, which was a very enjoyable experience to be had on board.  Now you can enjoy your very own afternoon tea with your very own Titanic tea, brought to you by the finest blend of tea as served on board the legendary R.M.S. Titanic.

Our Price £4.50


Sean:- 07833 630 287

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