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Latest News

Titanic Honour and Glory makes US Premiere.
We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Titanic Honour and Glory will premiere in the United States later this year. The History Museum of Mobile, Alabama, a magnificent and stunning museum, our host for the award winning Titanic exhibition.
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Titanic now open at Great Yarmouth.
Titanic Honour & Glory will be docking at Time and Tide from April 1st through to September 24th 2017. This unique exhibition brings to life the history of the legendary Ocean Liner, the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic, an exhibition voted one of the top five exhibitions in the United Kingdom by The Times newspaper.
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Titanic Exhibition Opens in Chelmsford
Chelmsford Civic Society presents the Titanic Honour & Glory Exhibition which is open in Bond Street in Chelmsford, CM1 1GD on Thursday to Sunday from 10.30-16.00 running from April to June. Sean Smalc’s fascination with Titanic began at the age of five, when he saw the film 'A Night to Remember'. He has been amassing the awe-inspiring collection ever since. 'This diverse exhibition appeals to so many people from all age groups' Sean says. ‘With this exhibition we aim to increase the knowledge of Titanic's history and that of her sister ships and the White Star Line, which owned and operated many of the finest liners ever to sail the high seas. Every visitor will get a feeling of what it was like to have been aboard Titanic. The exhibition will take you on a genuine voyage of discovery’.
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About Us

Titanic Honour & Glory has a small, dedicated and enthusiastic crew who are here to bring the legend of the Titanic, her sister ships and the White Star Line alive for the public and to continue to promote the touring exhibition into the future where the legacy of the Titanic, her passengers and crew will be remembered. Our Current Crew members are: -

Sean Szmalc - Exhibition Manager.

exhibition and events manager sean szmalcMy interest in the story of the Titanic goes back to when I was five years old when I watched the film a night to remember one Sunday afternoon with my Dad. I remember being touched deeply by the film. At school I did projects on the subject and began to collect material relating to the Titanic.

In the years that followed I began an apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery working alongside my Dad who is also a Joiner and put a great deal of my earnings from working, into collecting both Titanic and White Star Line artefacts. Unfortunately a few years ago I had to give up work due to my disability. It was then, after giving a talk on the Titanic to a local college, I was approached by a local museum who wished to display the unique collection of artefacts I have. The exhibition was a major success for the museum with phenomenal visitor numbers coming to see the display.

Other museums shortly followed until recently I joined the scheme named Business Able, designed especially to help disabled individuals start their own business. I am now looking forward to the future with the exhibition and its success as a business venture and am happy to say that the exhibition is going very well with amazing interest, so much so that we have taken our first booking for the Titanic’s centenary year 2012. My other interests include World War two history, especially the Polish forces (as my grandfather served in the Polish 1 st Armoured Division.) I also enjoy playing my game console and watching movies.

Sheila Mae Szmalc - Exhibition and Marketing Manager

sheila exhibition and marketing managerMy interest in the Titanic was originally through the James Cameron movie which really inspired me on the history of the Titanic.  Sean is my husband and I am fascinated with his wealth of knowledge he has on the subject.  Through Sean's knowedge I am learning new facts and more on the history of what was the world's most luxurious and leviathan Ocean Liner in 1912.

I have worked for international companies and gained indepth knowledge and experience on all aspects of marketing, sales and customer services.

I enjoy challenges and bringing fresh ideas to the touring exhibition company and I am actively using a new approach to marketing the company on a global scale, and with great success in which I am pushing forward the company in its new and diverse look to venues throughout the world.  

Like Sean and Donna I also enjoy being involved with the exhibitions and especially look forward to handling the awesome artefacts which I just feel are so thought provoking.  I also enjoy talking about the exhibition to the press and media, promoting the exhibition as it is one of the finest collections of artefacts I have ever seen, and with the high quality of the exhibition itself immerses visitors of all age groups to be closer to history and bring that history to life in a very unique way.

Sean:- 07833 630 287

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