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11 April 2017

Titanic Exhibition Opens in Chelmsford

Titanic Exhibition in ChelmsfordChelmsford Civic Society presents the Titanic Honour & Glory Exhibition which is open in Bond Street in Chelmsford, CM1 1GD on Thursday to Sunday from 10.30-16.00 running from April to June.

Sean Szmalc’s fascination with Titanic began at the age of five, when he saw the film 'A Night to Remember'. He has been amassing the awe-inspiring collection ever since. 'This diverse exhibition appeals to so many people from all age groups' Sean says. ‘With this exhibition we aim to increase the knowledge of Titanic's history and that of her sister ships and the White Star Line, which owned and operated many of the finest liners ever to sail the high seas. Every visitor will get a feeling of what it was like to have been aboard Titanic. The exhibition will take you on a genuine voyage of discovery’.

'Titanic Honour & Glory' voted by The Times Newspaper, as one of the top 5 exhibitions in the country is set to open in the prestigious Bond Street. This exhibition (replica) will feature new and exciting artefacts, many being on public display for the very first time, and is set to draw crowds. The exhibition will be officially opened by a very special guest appearance alongside the local Mayor.
Titanic Honour and Glory is the brainchild of Sean Szmalc, and is an exciting, evocative and awe-inspiring national touring exhibition that has already been seen by over one million people around the UK and features previously unseen artefacts from the liner, its passengers and crew.

The exhibition will incorporate examples of the luxurious interiors of the Titanic, an authentic recreation of the first class ‘ millionaires’ parlour suite sitting room C-57, occupied by famous passengers Isidor and Ida Strauss which cost over £20,000 (in today’s money) to book in 1912 for the maiden voyage. They will be able to immerse themselves in the life of third class by viewing a full scale recreation of one of the Titanic’s third class cabins.

Titanic Honour and Glory Ltd based in Scotland, a leader in providing high quality, state-of-the art educational family experiences, education outreach experiences for schools and groups and produces exhibits in collaboration with more than 200 leading museums and galleries through the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.


Titanic Honour and Glory Ltd, 5 Station Road, Grangemouth, Scotland, FK3 8DL
Tel: 01324 710134
Mobile: 07833 630 287
Web: www.titanichonourandglory.com 
Email: enquiries@titanichonourandglory.com 

Sean:- 07833 630 287

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