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28 January 2017

Titanic now open at Great Yarmouth.
Titanic Honour & Glory will be docking at Time and Tide from April 1st through to September 24th 2017. This unique exhibition brings to life the history of the legendary Ocean Liner, the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic, an exhibition voted one of the top five exhibitions in the United Kingdom by The Times newspaper.
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23 July 2017

Titanic Honour and Glory makes US Premiere.
We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Titanic Honour and Glory will premiere in the United States later this year. The History Museum of Mobile, Alabama, a magnificent and stunning museum, our host for the award winning Titanic exhibition.
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11 April 2017

Titanic Exhibition Opens in Chelmsford
Chelmsford Civic Society presents the Titanic Honour & Glory Exhibition which is open in Bond Street in Chelmsford, CM1 1GD on Thursday to Sunday from 10.30-16.00 running from April to June. Sean Smalc’s fascination with Titanic began at the age of five, when he saw the film 'A Night to Remember'. He has been amassing the awe-inspiring collection ever since. 'This diverse exhibition appeals to so many people from all age groups' Sean says. ‘With this exhibition we aim to increase the knowledge of Titanic's history and that of her sister ships and the White Star Line, which owned and operated many of the finest liners ever to sail the high seas. Every visitor will get a feeling of what it was like to have been aboard Titanic. The exhibition will take you on a genuine voyage of discovery’.
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11 April 2017

Titanic Exhibition in Chelmsford
Chelmsford Civic Society are staging the touring Titanic Honour and Glory exhibition in Bond St Chelmsford, which gives a fascinating insight into this endlessly compelling story - the Titanic legend. Visitors will discover what life was like on board with beautiful replica artefacts.
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04 February 2017

Titanic Honour and Glory coming to America.
We are delighted to announce that we are working with Titanic Branson and Pigeon Forge , the World's Largest Titanic museum attractions, in the USA. We are providing them with some of rare artefacts for public display in each venue, including our stunning and very rare 'Breakfast Gown' worn by Kate Winslet in the oscar winning movie - Titanic.
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06 September 2016

Titanic Concert.
Join us on Sunday afternoon at 3pm at St. Andrews and St. Georges West, George Street, Edinburgh. The programme features 'A Night to Remember', a tone poem for the guitar evoking the sinking of RMS Titanic in the North Atlantic, April, 1912.
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25 July 2016

Tour pack
Titanic exhibition tour pack 2016
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05 May 2016

Therapeutic Reminiscence Outreach Programmes.
Titanic Honour and Glory are delighted to be working with both nursing and care homes throughout the country. We provide our unique therapeutic reminiscence outreach programme to residents which improve their quality of life, providing each resident with a unique and refreshing therapeutic experience.
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19 August 2015

Themed Birthday Parties.
For a truly unforgettable Birthday book one of our themed birthday parties. Our themed parties are tailored to suit your own individual requirements, we add a special touch to your special day. Please contact us for full details and make your birthday one which your friends and family will never forget.
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25 July 2015

New Shop Items
We have a selection of new items available for sale in our online shop. The beautiful Titanic Chinaware range all of which are museum quality reproductions from the actual Titanic chinaware in the exhibition collection.
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