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Senior sixth engineer William Young Moyes presentation cup presented to Captain Smith steiff bear which belonged to titanic senior sixth engineer william young moyes
pocket watch water damaged during the sinking of titanic 1st class dinner plate from the titanic 1st class spode dinner plate from the 1st class a la carte restaurant on titanic
sugar dish from the 1st class dining room of titanic silver ring which belonged to 3rd class passenger carl olof jannson coat which belonged to titanic stewardess violet jessop
titanic postcard letter written on board titanic floor tile from titanic's 1st class smoking room
tribute to the engineering staff postcard of captain smith and officers on the deck of titanic belgian publication dedicated to the titanic dated 1912
sos titanic movie programme framed souvenir titanic napkin dated 1912 titanic in memoriam card (front)
titanic in memoriam card (opened) titanic in memoriam card (back) boxed waterman pen which belonged to Titanic's captain - Captain EJ Smith
titanic passenger william t stead signed photograph titanic sheet music painting of captain smith and captain rostron
titanic folk art circa 1912 framed titanic in memoriam print circa 1912 patch badge worn by a crewman during the 1987 dives to Titanic
white star line blanket which is believed to have been used on titanic deathless story of the titanic detail inside the deathless story of the titanic
the wreck of the titanic sheet music framed in memoriam print of titanic titanic fireman thomas knowles certificate of discharge certificate
extremely rare titanic lifeboat plaque 18 karat gold pocket watch which belonged to Titanic waiter Vincenzo Gilardino wooden block which Titanic's engines sat on and were tested
letter written onboard Titanic by second class passenger Frederick Banfield Titanic relief fund cheque made payable to Mr. F. Couch telegraph sent to Mrs. Taylor sister of Officer Pitman asking for a photograph of her brother
close up of the picture of Officer Pitman from the orignal Daily Mirror newspaper which the original telegraph refers to all of which came from the Pitman family rare carpathia bookpost postcard passenger list with captain smith in command
inside of passenger list with captain smith in command side plate from the Titanic vinolia soap advert for the Titanic
Titanic lifeboat name plate Ettie Dean's Personal Bible programme of concert with Captain Smith in command
titanic souvenir pin cushion titanic souvenir pin cushion close up titanic 2nd class boat deck magic lantern slide
titanic 2nd class promenade deck magic lantern slide white star line queenstown tenders titanic engineers memorial
sinking of the titanic salesman's book Brooch featuring a rare photograph of Titanic's bandleader Wallace Hartley. This brooch belonged to Wallaces' fiancee, Maria Robinson Titanic Drawer and Cupboard Keys


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